The Endless Frontier Fellowship is a one-year experience in DC where you will explore the vast range of the possible.

Bold policy ideas, spanning artificial intelligence, biosecurity, high-skilled immigration, and industrial strategy as well as entirely novel paradigms for performing research, building institutions, assessing and pressure-testing solutions, can collectively rewrite a global abundance agenda.

As a core member of the policy entrepreneur teams at the Institute for Progress, the Federation of American Scientists, or the Lincoln Network you will be given substantive work, mentorship, creative freedom, and first-hand knowledge of a range of tools to drive impact.

From strategic competition with China, to progress-based solutions for space, education, climate change, and health challenges, the Endless Frontier Fellowship is designed to help you learn about the world and where you hope to fit in (or out).

To borrow the words of America’s first Science Advisor Vannevar Bush in his 1945 report to President Franklin Roosevelt, Science, The Endless Frontier:

Science can be effective in the national welfare only as a member of a team, whether the conditions be peace or war. But without scientific progress no amount of achievement in other directions can insure our health, prosperity, and security as a nation in the modern world.

Who We Are
Message from the CEO:

Policy is far more changeable than people think. But shaping policy means jumping into the fray - treating “policy” not as a noun but as a verb. We aim to build a community of policy entrepreneurs equipped to shape the future.

Message from the Co-CEO:

Progress is a policy choice — whether we can reorient our economy around our clean energy, build abundant housing, prevent future pandemics, and explore the stars will be determined by the policy decisions that we make in the next decade. There’s a huge amount of leverage to shape the future by working in public policy today.

Message from the Executive Director:

Innovations in science and technology drive economic growth, open new dimensions of individual freedom, and bolster our national security. When governed well, a robust innovation ecosystem provides a freer, more secure, and more abundant future.

Our Prior Early-Career Fellows